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About T7 original




Theatre 7 started as a spin off from another Decatur theatrical group called “Town and Gown.”  It was directed by Gerald Michel, a Millikin University theater director, who preferred doing the classics.  A number of members wanted to do more commercial material, and after a rehearsal one night, discussed starting a new theater group.  in December 1963, approximately thirty people organized what would later become Theatre 7


Theatre 7’s name has no meaning of any significance and was simply created at the suggestion of member Ralph Donovan.  It was selected to reflect the trend of the day – the whole “name with a number thing.’


Today there are over 150 members performing onstage and working behind the scenes, plus business and commnity suppport.  Our production history has consisted of musicals, comedies, mysteries, dramas (as well as mellerdrammers), one-act plays, variety shows, and also a “travel troupe.”


As an all volunteer community theater group Theatre 7 welcomes anyone interested in becoming involved.  There are lots of opportunities in Theatre 7, both performing onstage and working backstage.


Theatre 7’s headquarters is located at 131 N Water St.  All performances are conducted at Richland Community College’s, Schilling Auditorium located at 1 College Park, Decatur IL.