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About Theatre 7

Theatre 7 has been entertaining audiences for over fifty years now, taking it’s name (a suggestion from member Ralph Donovan) from the trend of the day — “the whole name and a number thing.” It was spun off from Decatur theatrical group Town and Gown, whose director, Millikin University theater director Gerald Michel, preferred producing and performing the classics. Members wanting to focus on more contemporary material decided one night after rehearsal to form their own group, and did just that in December of 1963. Approximately thirty people came together to form what would become the organization that continues producing quality stage work to this day.

As an all-volunteer community theater group, Theatre 7 welcomes anyone interested in becoming involved, with many opportunities available both on and off stage. Members not only work on shows — producing, directing, acting, set design and construction, costuming, props, marketing and promotion, etc — but also focus on the business aspects of running a non-profit organization as well as community support and outreach.

Read on to learn more about becoming either a member or patron of Theatre 7!

Become a Member

Becoming a member of Theatre 7 couldn’t be easier! Any one of the following methods will work:

1) Attend a monthly Membership Meeting at Theatre 7 Headquarters! (Check this site’s News & Notes or our Facebook page for dates and times). Introduce yourself, get to know some of our members, get a feel for our organization… If you like our vibe and want to make it official, pay your membership dues and you’re in!

2) Attend an audition for a show and speak to the producer or director (you do not need to audition). Again, once you pay your membership dues you’re good to go!

3) Want an even simpler route? Mail us a your membership dues via check made payable to Theatre 7! Mail it to:

Membership Dues
Theatre 7
P.O. Box 972
Decatur, Illinois 62525

So you may be wondering: what will membership dues run me? We have a section for that! And it’s next!

Membership Dues

Theatre 7 memberships are renewed at the beginning of each season on September 1st. Your membership dues cover you under Theatre 7’s accident insurance during performances, rehearsals, and T7 events.

Membership dues are: 

$15.00/year – Individual Membership
$7.00/year – Family Membership (Per each individual family member 13 years and older. Not to exceed $30. Must live in same household.) 

But wait! There’s more! In the next section!

Benefits of Membership

What? There’s more to being a member of Theatre 7 than just being a member of Theatre 7? You betcha!

Your dues are tax deductible

A one-year subscription to the Theatre 7 Newsletter is totally yours

You get a voice in deciding our next season’s roster of shows

AND you get to cast your ballot in our annual Theatre 7 JayJay Awards

Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll feel helping community theatre thrive in the Decatur area!


Become a Patron

As a supporter of the Arts, perhaps you would prefer becoming a Theatre 7 patron vs member. We have many charitable options available to this end!

Patronage Levels:


Stage Manager………$250



In addition to receiving full membership privileges, patrons of Theatre 7 also receive:

Preferential seating, available to reserve until one week prior to opening night

One or two season passes, depending on your level of patronage

Spotlight in each show’s program for that season (Thank You!)

Tax deductibility of patronage gift less the value of the season passes

The knowledge you are playing a part in keeping theatre alive and kicking in Decatur!

Please email Theatre 7 to set up your patronage! 

There are many patrons who choose to be active member within Theatre 7 — and many active members are also patrons! Member, patron, or someone who simply comes and enjoys a show… If you’re a fan of the Arts, no matter what role you play we thank you for your support of Theatre 7!


Find us!

Theatre 7 Headquarters:

131 N. Water Street
Decatur, Illinois 62525

Email T7