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Auditions for The Explorer’s Club!

Yes, you read that right: Monday, June 29th is indeed the audition date for our Fall comedy The Explorer’s Club!


“We have a unique show opening this season and by getting a head start we can have character hair, costumes, makeup etc ready to go for any and all publicity and marketing materials” explains director Jayson Albright. “The characters in this show are so visual that seeing them, not the actors but the actual characters, that’s going to tell the audience so much more about what this show is verse anything else. By knowing who our cast is so early in the game we can design character elements directly around who will be playing them.”

Rehearsals for the show won’t actually start till September. Performances are October 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25.

The show itself is pure silliness. In 1879 Britain, The Explorers Club faces all manner of upheaval and strife, including the fact that one member wants to introduce a woman into the club!