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Explorers Club News & Notes


October 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25  |  2015


The Show:

London, 1879. The prestigious Explorers Club is in crisis: their acting president wants to admit a woman, and their bartender is terrible. True, this female candidate is brilliant, beautiful, and has discovered a legendary Lost City, but the decision to let in a woman could shake the very foundation of the British Empire, and how do you make such a decision without a decent drink? Grab your safety goggles for some very mad science involving deadly cobras, irate Irishmen and the occasional airship.

Written by Nell Benjamin

Directed for Theatre 7 by Jayson Albright

Assistant Director: Rachel Albrecht

Set Design: Jerry Johnson

Costumes Design: Dina Fryman

Lighting Design: Jennifer Theis

Stage Managed by Katie Eytchison, Adam Lewandowski

Produced by Tanya Haubner

Master Builder: Brian Haubner

Scenic Paint Charge: Rachel Albrecht

Set Construction: Rachel Albrecht, Debbie Albright, Rick Albright, Doug Bishop, Thomas Byler, Doug Fryman, Brian Haubner, Tanya Haubner, Jerry Johnson, Matt Shaffer, Joshua Sisson, Mike Stubblefield

Set Painting: Rachel Albrecht, Debbie Albright, Jayson Albright, Teddi Albright, Aidan Haubner, Tanya Haubner, Jerry Johnson

Costumes: Dina Fryman, Barb Hipple, Cheryl Laskowski, Mary Wilking, Penny Williams

Hair, Makeup, & Facial Hair: The Cast

Hair & Makeup (Phyllida): Lauren Roberts

Hair & Makeup (Luigi): Brian Haubner, Tanya Haubner, Joshua Sisson

Props: Rachel Albrecht, Jayson Albright, Teddi Albright, Flo Coombes, Brian Haubner, Tanya Haubner, Barb Hipple, Jerry Johnson, Joshua Sisson

Rosie the Snake: Jayson Albright, Teddi Albright, Flo Coombes, Bard Hipple

Steampunk Coffee Machine: Jacob Perry, Chuck Clark

Set Dressing lead by Jayson Albright, Tanya Haubner

Set Dressing: Rachel Albrecht, Jayson Albright, Brian Haubner, Tanya Haubner, Jerry Johnson

Lighting: Josh Sowa, Jennifer Theis, Steve Trout

Technical Director for Shilling Auditorium: Evan Duckworth

Stage Crew: Brian Haubner, Tanya Haubner, Hayley J Shaffer

Production Assistant: Adam Lewandowski

House Manager: Janet Patterson

Box Office Manager: Robert Lowery

Publicity: Jan Hooten, Jerry Johnson

Show Poster: Jayson Albright

Show Program: Jayson Albright, Jerry Johnson

Show Program Coordination: Jayson Albright, Jerry Johnson, Joshua Sisson

Show Photography/Filming: Hulida Productions (Hugh & Alida Sullivan)

Consulting Producer: Dreux Lewandowski



Lucius Fretway: Jayson Albright

Phyllida Spotte-Hume/Countess Glamorgan: Rachel Albrecht

Harry Percy: Mitchell VanZant

Luigi: Josh Sisson

Professor Cope: Joshua Hammon

Professor Sloane: Jerry Johnson

Professor Walling: Doug Bishop

Sir Bernard Humphries: John D. Polling

Irish Assassin/Beebe: Josh Sowa